18 December 2010

she wore a pearl necklace

vest: express
sweater: yesstyle
necklace: diy
bag: canal street
leg warmers: costumes and dancewear
platforms: forever 21

i love this outfit. i wear this faux fur vest every time i get a chance. i should make a post on all the 876 ways i wear this sweater from yesstyle! decided to pile on some leg warmers over one of my fav pair of platforms. jeans are always so cold and these kept my legs nice and toasty on a rarely chilly Sunday. it took me about 4 hours to make this pearl necklace. still not done yet. i was inspired by an episode of SATC where Sarah Jessica wore the longest pearl necklace i've ever seen! now how to keep the strands from tangling....riddle me that batman!

14 October 2010

jack be nimble

Top: Express
Cardigan: Marshall's
Harem capris: Forever 21
High top sneakers: Forever 21
Necklace & earrings: Forever 21
....gotta make this quick! Running out for a long day of errands. Loving this comfy outfit. Adios!

12 October 2010

mid blink

Cardigan: Forever 21
Polka dot top: Forever 21
Jeans: can't remember...from 7th grade!
MiuMiu wannabes: eBay
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson
Bag: towel converted into tote :)
wore this to lunch after church on Sunday. pretty boring day.

03 October 2010

harem and lace

Top: Forever 21
Harem jeans: H&M
Boots: Sam Edelman
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Yet another visit to the eye doctor. Decided to wear my version of -I'm feeling fat, must wear sweatpants- to spice things up a bit. Counting down the days 'til Lasik!

30 September 2010

flower power

Cardigan: Forever 21
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Doc Martens
Ring: gothicalchemy.com
Wore this to meet my grandmother in law for one of my last fatty dinners before its back to food prison. Next competition is Oct 23 and then I'm home free baby!

29 September 2010

San Antonio

Tunic: Vintage
Sandals: Sheikh
Bag: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Aldo
Threw this on over my dayglo tan the day after my competition. Wandered around San Antonio w/ my dude, carbo loading on pastries and pancakes.

27 September 2010

Alamo Showdown Classic

This past Saturday, I won 1st place in Figure Short and 1st place Overall at the Alamo Showdown Classic fitness competition in San Antonio. I received my Professional card and I am ecstatic!!! Especially since this was only my 2nd competition. I'm stoked!

Feathers, flowers and books, oh my!

Romper: Old Navy
Cardigan: Forever 21
Miu Miu wannabes: eBay
Necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Nastygal, Forever 21, Walmart
Bracelets: Juicy Couture, Plato's Closet, and Betsey Johnson
Took a trip to Barnes & Nobles after my stop off at Starbucks. Had some time to kill before an eye doctor appointment. Glasses begone!